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About me

Weekends is the time we recharge and reconnect to one self and our families. I spend the weekends mainly in my kitchen. I cook and bake, and I do it for the people I love. Kitchen is the centre of my home. It is  a humble place  where  I put wholesome ingredients together for a cosy meal for my family and friends. 


This belief of mine has brought me to places and people that I never imagined myself having to be at and/or meet. Together with my friends, we founded #SgEatWithUs ( as a community movement to celebrate SIngapore's 50th birthday. Anchored on the mission of "Bringing Communities Together through Home-cooked Meals", we organised various events and activities to bring Homecooks together.


Although we have moved on with our other priorities,  every member in the team are still advocating the mission in their own ways. For me, I will continue to share with you my journey in making home-made creations in my kitchen over this humble blog. 

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