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Making Chendol Agar Agar

I love Chendol and I hope you too. Chendol is a must when I make a trip down to Malacca. Their gula malacca is fragrant and tasty. I can take two bowls of chendol heavily drizzled with the Asian brown sugar anytime. Well, you may wonder how is gula malacca made. I suggest you do not find out. It is not so appetizing. Nevertheless enjoy Chendol... :P

In my attempt in 'jellified' chendol, I did not compromise the use of the freshest coconut milk and freshly boiled red beans aka 'azuki'. I used a juice extractor to get the coconut milk.

Recipe for 25 small cups of Chendol agar agar

  • Half a packet of agar agar strips

  • 1/4 cup of red beans (boiled till soften)

  • Half cup of Chendol green jelly

  • Gula Malacca

  • Sugar

  • 400 ml coconut milk

  • Pandan leaves

  • Green colouring

  • 25 small cups


  1. Soak agar agar strips in water for at least 30 mins

  2. Divide agar agar strips into two pots (a) 800ml of water (b) 500ml of water.

  3. Add in 2 pandan leaves each into the pots.

  4. Boil the agar agar mixture : Pot (a) & (b).

  5. Stir to ensure strips dissolve well.

  6. Add in coconut milk in pot (b) and add in sugar to taste. Do not let it boil or else coconut will curdle.

  7. Add in Gula malacca in pot (a) to taste.

  8. Remove pots from heat.


Layer 1:

  • Line some red beans at the bottom of the small containers.

  • Pour in mixture from pot (b) slowly to the level you want.

Layer 2:

  • Remove some mixture from pot (b) and add green colouring.

  • When layer 1 hardens, line some Chendol green jelly and pour in green coloured mixture to the level you want.

Layer 3

  • When layer 2 hardens, pour in mixture from pot (a) to the level you want.

  • You may add more if you like gula malacca.

Layer 4

  • When layer 3 hardens, pour in mixture from pot (b) to top.

  • Rest the agar agar till cool and refrigerate it.

  • Serve cold.

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