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Otah Otah (To be revised)

I want to make some otah desperately. I asked around and searched the internet for a decent recipe but was not convinced. I thought it is rather simple to do it....

I was wrong.

I flipped the "Mrs Lee's Cookbook" by Shermay Lee and took reference from there.

I regretted.

The otah does not taste bad but it is not what I want my otah to be like. It is the texture.

It is rather rubbery when it gets cold ...

I bought fresh mackerel to make my own fish paste. I think that is where the problem comes from. I think it is wiser to get the fish paste from fishball seller. They have adjusted the consistency well. I think I should have added more water into the fish mixture to have a smoother texture.

I will not share the recipe now as it needs major revision. I promise I will conquer the otah!

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