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Watermelon Granita for a hot hot day

Dun you hate the hot weather? Is there a remote control that can control the hot and humid weather that we have here? Or probably flush some watermelon granita to cool the temperature down.

I think every Singaporean will hook to this recipe as it is easy to make and so nice to eat. Good thing is that it is easy to make and all you need is watermelon, sugar and your freezer.



  • 750 g fresh watermelon, diced

  • 30- 60 g white sugar, depending on your watermelon sweetness


  1. Mix diced watermelon and sugar in a bowl. Allow to stand for about 45 minutes.

  2. Process the mixture in a food processor and then strain.

  3. Transfer to a metal tray and freeze.

  4. Using a fork, scrape the mixture occasionally during the freezing process until the granita is frozen. Takes about 3-4 hours. You will get finer ice grains if you scrap more frequently. (I did only twice)

  5. Serve with watermelon bits in cooled cups/ glasses.

Aww! SO wonderful!

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