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Coriander and Tomato based Curry Chicken

I am very fortunate to be able to be to learn to cook different cuisines during my stay in Cambridge. My participation in two culinary clubs has been very rewarding. I made many friends from different countries and learn from them how to cook their home country's delicacies. My friend, D, is from India (Calcutta) and she taught me this dish during one of the culinary sessions. She is a very good cook. Her warm character and generosity is contagious. Her calm and composed disposition makes people around her at ease.

One of the most delicious dish I have learnt from D (so far) is the Coriander and Tomato-based Curry Chicken. It is not the usual thick, coconut-milk based curry that Singaporeans like to eat. It is lighter and healthier. The gravy is well-flavored with spices, onions and tomatoes, simmered with chicken to bring out the goodness.

Recipe (Serves 4)


  • Half a chicken, chopped into pieces

  • 2 large Tomatoes, chopped

  • 2 yellow onions, chopped

  • 1 handful of coriander leaves

  • 1 tbsp Ginger paste

  • 1 tbsp Garlic paste

  • 1 tbsp + 1 tsp Garum Masala

  • 1 tbsp Cumin powder

  • 1 tsp Sugar

  • Water

  • Cooking Oil

  • Salt and Pepper


  1. Marinate the chicken piece with salt and pepper for 30 minutes.

  2. In a pot, heat 2 tbsp of oil. Saute onion until it turns translucent.

  3. Add in ginger and garlic paste. Stir well and add in cumin and 1 tbsp garam marsala.

  4. Add in tomatoes and fryuntil the oil separates from the mixture.

  5. Add in the marinated chicken and fry until it turns opaque.

  6. Add in 2 cups of water and let it simmer for 20-30 minutes.

  7. Add in salt, pepper and sugar to taste.

  8. To finish, add 1 tsp pf garum marsala and coriander leaves.

Recipe is adapted from my friend who is now in Cambridge, MA

*Her name is not disclosed for privacy purpose

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